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Secure your being and dependants financial means with a Patient Decree and Power of Attorney

Buying an ALC Health Prima insurance plan gives you not only affordable comprehensive international cover for medical expenses, but also a policy that is approved for residing in Germany. Further to this, with ‘Global Response’ ALC Health have their own 24/7 "in-house" claims team to assure swift claim-settlement and help whenever needed, offering a toll-free number for calls from Germany too. Hence, their plans are attracting people from all over the world, availing themselves of a really ‘good value for money’ insurance plan to cover constantly increasing medical expenses. ALC Health offers a wide range of flexible plans to suit all requirements and budgets.

Why we would choose ALC Health…
When asked to cherry pick ALC’s unique selling points, apart from coverage for Covid-19, it has always been a pleasure to assure our clients that ALC offer guaranteed acceptance for any applicant, up to the age of 74. Using their online application process, within just a few minutes you can obtain instant cover and with no medical questionnaire to complete, where moratorium underwriting is selected.

ALC also offers lifetime renewals, regardless of any illness you may suffer while on cover with them and members have access to direct billing for eligible treatment at most Helios clinics in Germany. In our opinion this is what makes a health plan worth your money!

Lastly, it is always reassuring to know that ALC Health’s Prima plans are accepted as proof of adequate health insurance at the German Foreigners office when you may apply for a resident or work permit.

2 Ways to insure yourself with áLC Health

1. Full Medical Underwriting
áLC Health cover most medical conditions and to access the health status require answers on 16 medical questions.
These include questions about disorders to: digestion, gynaecological parts, ear, endocrine system, eye, heart or blood vessels, liver and gall bladder, mental status, metabolism, neurological functions, nose, respiratory system, skin, throat, teeth, urinary tract and also ALC want to know if any medical issues are related to: AIDS & HIV, cancer, growths, cysts, moles, muscular or skeletal problems and tumours.

2. Moratorium Clause
Any medical condition or specified related condition for which the insured person has received medical treatment, had symptoms or sought advice in the 5 years prior to the start of the policy are not covered.

After a continuous period of 2 years of insurance cover with áLC, any pre-existing conditions that were excluded will be insureable provided the insured person has not:

   a) consulted a medical practitioner or specialist for medical treatment or advice; or
   b) suffered symptoms; or
   c) taken medication

for that specific condition.

ALC in Germany

The majority of our aLC clients in Germany are expats, freelancers, self-employed or students in major German cities like Aachen, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart.

Furthermore, ALC clients are able to sign up for mandatory German Long-Term-Care insurance, also know as "Pflegepflichtversicherung" (PVN). For more information on 'PVN' please follow this internal link.


  • Contact - Private Clients
    Application forms:
    Renewal queries:
    Personal details and contractual matters:

     Germany - 0800 664 4832 (Freephone)
     Gibraltar - 200 669 59
     Hong Kong - 800 965 313 (Freephone)
     Malta - 800 621 89 (Freephone)
     Philippines - 1800 111 020 96


    Customer complaints can be filed using email: managingdirector[at]
  • Offices

    Office Addresses:

    Head Office:
    ALC Health
    Chanctonfold Barn
    Chanctonfold, Horsham Road
    Steyning West
    Sussex, BN44 3AA
    United Kingdom
    T +44 (0) 1903 817970
    F +44 (0) 1903 879719
    Spanish Office:
    Edificio Golden
    Avenida Ricardo Soriano
    72 Portal B, 1a Planta
    29601 Marbella
    T +34 952 93 16 09
    F +34 952 90 67 30

    Gibraltar Office:
    World Trade Center
    6 Bayside Road
    1st Floor – Unit 1.02
    GX11 1AA

    T +350 200 77731

  • Plan Range

    Full Medical Insurance:

    • Prima plans:
      • Classic (economic solution)
      • Premium (good value for money)
      • Platinum (top of the range)

    Available annual excesses:
    Euros:   Nil | 60 | 180 | 360 | 600 | 1,200 | 3,000 | 6,000 | 9,000
    GBP:   Nil | 50 | 150 | 300 | 500 | 1,000 | 2,500 | 5,000 | 7,500
    USD:   Nil | 75 | 225 | 450 | 750 | 1,500 | 3,750 | 7,500 | 11,250

    Global Prima Travel Insurance:

    • Area Options:
      • Europe
      • Worldwide, excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean but incl. the Bahamas
      • Worldwide
    • Trip Options:
      • Multi-trip
      • Single-trip
        • Up to 100 days cover for each trip 
        • No policy excess
        • Option to included Golf package
        • Option to include Winter Sports package
        • Cover available up to age 74 yrs
    • Plan Options:
      • Silver
        • €7.5 million / £6.25 million annual medical cover
        • Trip Cancellation
        • Trip Curtailment
        • Missed Connections
        • Emergency Medical Expenses
        • Additional Hospital Benefit
        • Personal Accident Cover
        • Baggage & Personal Belongings
        • Money
        • Working Abroad
        • Loss of Passport / Driving License Expenses
        • Personal Liability
        • Legal Expenses
        • Optional Multi-trip Winter Sports cover package
      • Gold
        • €15 million / £12.5 million annual medical cover
        • Trip Cancellation
        • Trip Curtailment
        • Missed Connections
        • Emergency Medical Expenses
        • Additional Hospital Benefit
        • Personal Accident Cover
        • Baggage & Personal Belongings
        • Money
        • Working Abroad
        • Loss of Passport / Driving License Expenses
        • Personal Liability
        • Legal Expenses
        • Replacement Business Associate
        • Optional Multi-trip Winter Sports cover package
        • Optional Multi-trip Golf cover package
    The ALC Health Prima Travel plans are underwritten by: 
    Millstream Underwriting Limited on behalf of AWP P&C S.A.-
    Dutch Branch, trading as Allianz Global Assistance Europe
  • Area of Cover

    ALC Health insure 3 different geographical areas, which are:

    • Area 1 - 57 countries*
    • Area 2 - Worldwide (without USA)
    • Area 3 - Worldwide


    *Area 1 is defined as:
    Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madeira, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan

  • Claim Handling

    Claim submission deadline:
    6 months, after period of cover (cancellation date or renewal)

    Pre-authorisations required:
    aLC Health's Policy Wording on their Prima plans states that the following treatments/ benefits require pre-authorisation and should this condition not be fulfilled, they reserve the right to decline the claim in full or, in the event of in-patient or day-patient treatment, will pay only 50% of eligible benefits if treatment is subsequently proven to be covered.

    • Planned In-patient / Day-patient treatment
      • All treatment
      • Subject to at least 5 working days prior to admission or treatment appointment
    • Out-patient
      • Psychiatric treatment


    A claim can be pre-authorised before the visit to the doctor, specialist or hospital
     by calling ALC Health on 0044 330 333 6686 or emailing: preauthorisation[at]

What ALC Health does not cover

General symptoms & conditions that are excluded:

Congenital anomalies,
except where covered under Newborn Cover

Development delays/disorders

Expenses arising from or related to ...

  • claims submitted later than 6 months after the end of the period of cover, unless not reasonably possible
  • completion of claim forms and any other documents or administration costs
  • excessive, unreasonable and uncustomary invoices for the type of treatment and location treatment was received
  • overdue payment of invoices

Foetal surgery

Genetic deformities/disorders or birth injures

Genetic testing

Home visits,
unless they are medically necessary following the sudden onset of an acute illness, which renders the insured incapable of visiting their medical practitioner.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Impotence, sexual dysfunction

Parent Accommodation

Reimbursement for:

  • Nutritional supplements and products that can be obtained without prescription
  • Speech therapy, unless diagnosed as a phycical impairment
  • Supplements and substances which are available naturally

Treatment arising from or related to ...

  • a medical practitioner or specialist who is in any way kindred
  • alcohol or drug abuse
  • chemical or radioactive contamination from nuclear material or the combustion of nuclear fuel, asbestosis or any related condition
  • communication therapy, floor time and family therapy
  • cosmetic issues, obesity and any form of weight loss
  • criminal, illegal or unlawful acts
  • cryopreservation, implantation or reimplantation of living cells or living tissue
  • deafness caused by ageing, and the provision of hearing aids
  • eating disorders
  • experimenal, unlicensed or unproven methods
  • fertilisation, sterilisation, vasectomy or other sexually related conditions
  • disobedience to follow medical advice, including travel
  • disorders such as:
    • adjustments
    • antisocial behaviour
    • attachment
    • attention deficit hyperactivity
    • autism spectrum
    • conduct
    • obsessive-compulsive (personality)
    • oppositional defiant
  • gender reassignment
  • injuries sustained whilst engaged in a criminal, illegal or unlawful act
  • laser eye correction, incl. refractive keratectomy (RK) and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), unless the consequence of an accident
  • personal choice, including Pregnancy Termination if not medically necessary
  • piercing and tattooing
  • plastic surgery, except for reconstructive reasons to restore funtion or apperance after an accident or surgery for cancer
  • professional sports
  • sexually transmitted infections (STD)
  • sleep disorders, such as apnoea, snoring, insomnia and sleep related breathing problems
  • suicide, bodily injury or illness that is wilfully self-inflicted, due to negligent or reckless behavior or caused by self-exposure to needless danger, except to save a human life
  • surrogacy, whether acting as surrogate or intended parent
  • war, terrorism, unless the person is an innocent bystander

ALC's Prima plans list a total of 48 general exlusions, but not all apply to every plan. A detailed description can be found in their Policy Wording, pages 18 and 19. (link)

The following pre-existing conditions are not insurable:
Arterial disease, cataract, diabetes, diabetic renal disease, diabetic retinopathy, ischaemic heart disease, stroke.

ALC Health Announcements

18.03.2020 - COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) | Cyber Attack

Most recently, the COVID-19 outbreak has escalated into a global pandemic and we are closely monitoring the situation for any new developments.

We want to assure you that ALC has extensive experience working with governments and medical organizations to assist our members during serious medical situations, including all global health emergencies. Throughout this outbreak and after, customers can rely on ALC to be there for them during their travels.
We are currently experiencing a significant increase in the number of calls, emails, and inquiries to our team regarding COVID-19. We appreciate your patience as we quickly work to respond to all inquiries. For information regarding COVID-19 and how benefits may be affected, please visit our dedicated resource page, which includes frequently asked questions regarding IMG and ALC products.
Additionally, earlier in the year, ALC’s systems were down for an extended period due to a cyber incident beyond our control. Our systems were recently restored, but we are still working through our backlog of requests from this incident. 

While there has been no evidence of a data breach or access, we are requesting all members reset their password upon logging into the ALC member portal as an additional security precaution.

We are actively working to return our service levels back to normal. Please note the following capabilities we will continue to utilize during this difficult time:

  • Dedicated Customer Care team working additional hours to accommodate requests as quickly as possible
  • Technology platforms as well as a dedicated Coronavirus Information page
  • Chief Medical Officer and medical team on staff that are actively monitoring the outbreak
  • Ability for ALC employees to work remotely, ensuring limited or no interruptions in service

For more important updates please visit their coronavirus resource page as new information is published here as soon as it becomes available.

24.09.2019 - BREXIT

ERICON broker would like to inform all our clients how as of 31st October, the expected date when the UK is to leave the EU, this could influence ALC Health's trading in the German market.

Over the last months ALC has appointed a new underwriter, 'XL Insurance Company SE', located in Ireland and therefore not subject to BREXIT.
Consequently, should the UK leave the EU, all Prima plans will not be affected, consequently are still valid in Germany, thus will not jeopardise a residence permit (VISA).

We would like to advise all our clients that we will react to safeguard your current situation in Germany as our commitment to you is to ensure that all our international insurance partners meet the set requirements and are registered with BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority).

Therefore, should you decide that you may be at risk, please be assured we will work with you in securing an alternative.

Link to the official statement.

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