Personal Accident Insurance

with & without premium refunding

The main reason why we should consider investing our money in a personal accident insurance is to receive financial means in the event of severe injury, illness and to disburden our family/ relatives in the sad event of fatality, as a consequence of either.

Although living in Germany employed people are insured by German Statutory Accident Insurance, the benefits are not comparable to a private plan and cover only applies whilst the person is at work or on direct route from and to such. Moreover, as the chance of experiencing an accident during leisure time is much higher than during working hours, taking this matter in our own hands is the wiser approach.

General Benefits

  • Lump-sum payment in the event of:
    • Disability
    • Death
  • Hospital "per diem" allowance,
    • incl. recover money
  • Interim payments,
    until grade of disability has been medically diagnosed
  • Pension

How the premium is calculated

The insurers calculate the premium based on the person’s age & job, the insured sum and additional benefits.

Professions are grouped into risk-groups, for example:
A clerk who sits behind a desk will pay a lot less than a crafts- or professional sportsperson, whereas inter alia roofers, demolition experts or Stuntmen are usually denied a policy.

Additional Benefits

  • Accident caused by an illness or weakness
  • Intoxication (e.g. caused by alcohol)
  • Premium-free in the event of the policy holder passing away
  • Self-inflicted injuries caused by exertion of force
  • Self-inflicted injuries caused by making a wrong movement
  • Death or injury caused by frost
  • Suffocation / Drowning
  • Gas poisoning
  • Food poisoning
  • Dread diseases (e.g. heart attack, stroke)
  • Infectious diseases
  • Vaccine damages
  • Insect bites / stings
  • Civil commotion (only if passively involved)
  • Acts of terror (covered in combination with war or civil war)
  • Hospital per diem allowance abroad (same as inland but the daily allowance is doubled)
  • Hosptial per diem allowance as a day-patient
  • Hospital per diem allowance as a coma patient (30 Euros per day)
  • Recuperation cash (The same days you spent in hosptial you will get again as an additional payment)
  • Rooming-in (up to 60,- Euros per day)
  • Psychological treatment (up to 1.000 Euros)
  • Rescue of man and property (bodily injuries are covered to save life or salvage property)
  • Additional payment of 20.000 Euros to cover the costs of a severe disability
  • Additional one-off payment as house owner, e.g.:
    • 50.000 Euros in the first year of possession
    • 45.000 Euros in the second year
    • 40.000 Euros in the third year
    • 35.000 Euros in the fourth year
    • 30.000 Euros in the fifth year
  • Racing events with motorised vehicles (generally just kart racing)
  • Radiation damages
  • Scuba diving injuries
  • General poisoning of children up to the age of 14
  • Dental treatment (prosthesis)
  • Evacuation and repatriation
  • Domestic help (if a partner or parent is also insured)
  • Long Term Care (all 3 levels)
  • Cosmetic operations
  • Re-convalescence treatment (cures)
  • Additional payment for disability-expenses in the event of a full disability
  • Re-education costs, should the insured person have to learn a new profession
  • Orphan's allowance
    Generally only if both parents pass away within one year due to the same incident. In these cases the insured child will receive a pension in form of the gross annual premium multiplied by 50.
  • Broken bones
  • Cancer