Health Insurance premiums on the raise!

The turn of the year 2019/ 2020 will once again see private health insurance premiums increase and not only on the German market but international providers too are having to load the insured community with the ever growing challenge insurers have to finance this sector.

Advancements in medicine, inflation, longer life-expectancy and low interest-rates are the main reasons for this ongoing trend and there is no indicator this will change in the next years to come.

Below we list the providers that are increasing their premiums and once publicly announced, will update the list accordingly.

German Private Health Insurance

  • Axa
  • Barmenia
  • Concordia
  • Hanse Merkur
    • StartFit - 17%

Note: German Mandatory Long-Term Care Insurance and additional Add-On insurances not included!

International Private Health Insurance

  • ALC Health | Prima plans
    • 9% in Ø
  • Morgan Price | Evolution plans
    • Ages 0 - 44 => + 9%
    • Ages 45 - 54 => + 15%
    • Ages 55+ => 25%

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