At today's date almost 8 million people in Germany either decided or were forced to seek cover with a German Private Health Insurance plan, the official term: "Private Krankenversicherung (PKV)". With just 45 in 2019, the list of providers is managable, however the vast and nontransparent range of different plans, benefits and additional services like online doctors or Cash-Back schemes is comparable to taking a walk though the jungle - without the right tools you will get lost or guided into a pitfall that will come costly!

What does a German health plan include

“Medical” together with “Mandatory Long-Term Care” make up the main construct of German private health insurance, in German is referred to as: “Krankheitskostenvollversicherung”. There is no one-to-one translation for latter terminology, thus just needs to be understood as comprehensive health insurance.

Adding optional benefits

In addition to the above, the policy can be extended with the following optional benefits, which are considered as separate contracts, hence can be added or removed without affecting the main insurance construct.

One other benefit, which the German calls "Optionstarif", allows a switch on renewal to a more comprehensive plan without having to undergo a new medical examination. This is highly recommendable to a person who has been accepted with a more serious pre-existing condition and needs the possibility to switch to better coverage, should future medical enhancements make curing treatment possible.